This months’ Monthly Reunion

 (Open to the general public)

will be in the form of a

Lecture Discussion with:









Guest speaker:

Mr. Hal Austin


Topic:  "The global recession and the deep structural weaknesses in the Barbados financial structure …

             An Analysis on how it will affect you!"


Location:  Combermere School Hall


Date & Time:  Friday November 27th at 7.00pm



Hal Austin is a Senior Editor of the Financial Adviser, and has been an editor there for over ten years.


Before that he worked as a freelancer, on contract or staff for Professional Pensions, the News of the World, Sunday Times, Sunday People, Evening Standard, BBC Radio, where he was a news and current affairs producer, and for the Daily Mail, where he worked for 14 years.


Hal has been:

·         Pension reporter of the year,

·         Investment reporter of the year and

·         Won the Association of British Insurers’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.


Hal, who was born in the Ivy, St Michael, won a scholarship to attend Combermere School and left in 1963.  He then went on to study at Middlesex Polytechnic (now university), and undertook various undergraduate and post-graduate studies at Cardiff, Thames Valley and Bristol Universities.  Hal also done a number of course at the London Business School.


 Hal has been living in London now for over 40 years, and have been a financial journalist for well over 30 years.  Hal was the driving force behind the joint Financial Times/City University Masters degree in financial journalism, which comes on stream in September 2010.


Hal writes professionally mainly on macro-economic and social policy and privately on a range of subjects, including Barbados.   


Below are links to some of his recent articles:

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Looking forward to your participation and questions …

Liquid Refreshments will be available.


See you there!!!