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Combermere School has a complement of highly qualified staff.

The Principal 
Mr. V. Parris, BA, Cert Ed (Admin)
Tel No: 429-2822

Deputy Principal 
Ms. June Browne(Ag.) BSc., Dip Ed, Cert Ed (Admin)
Tel. No. 429-3685


There are twelve (12) Heads of Departments and six (6) Year Heads with responsibilities for Form Levels 1-6. These are as follows:


  1. Mrs. Martha Russell -> Chemistry Department
  2. Ms. Beverly Walters (Ag) -> English Department
  3. Ms. Cheryl Nicholls -> Geography & Social Studies Department
  4. Rev. Charles Morris -> History Department
  5. Mr. Tyron. king -> Physics Department
  6. Mr. Nicholas. Vaughn -> Foreign Language Department
  7. Ms. Mavis St. John -> Biology & Home Economics Department
  8. Mr. Charles. Lovell -> Mathematics Department
  9. Mr. Warren. Harvey -> Business Studies Department
  10. Miss. Margretta Jordan -> Music & Fine Arts Department
  11. Mr. Michael Small -> Physical Education Department
  12. Mr. Ivor. Boyce -> Technical & Vocational Studies Department



  1. Ms. Glenda Hall -> First Year
  2. Ms. Yevette Humphrey -> Second Year
  3. Mr. Keith Squires -> Third Year
  4. Ms Sybal Marshall -> Fourth Year
  5. Mr. Beverly Ashley -> Fifth Year
  6. Mr. Errol king -> Sixth Year

The Heads of Departments under the leadership of the Principal are responsible for electing, organising and monitoring curriculum and teaching in their special subject areas. The Year Heads are mainly concerned with the pastoral Care, discipline and supervision of a group of forms. In addition, there are forty-four (44) other teachers.


The School's Guidance Counsellor is Miss Kim. Jones. Tel No. 426-3890


The non-teaching staff comprises:

  • Secretary-Treasurer - Mrs. C. Harris
  • Executive Officer - Ms. Michelle Hinds
  • Principal's Secretary - Mrs. Elmonda Hunte-Sargeant
  • Clerk-Typist - Mrs. Grace Christie-Headley
  • Clerk-Typist - Mrs. Annette Blackman
  • Librarian - Ms. Corene. Brathwaite
  • Laboratory Assistant - Mr. Paul Bancroft
  • Laboratory Assistant (Ag) - Mr. B. Vaughn
  • Laboratory Assistant (Ag) - Mrs. L. Applewhite
  • Head Porter - Mr. Selvester. Poleon
  • Head Groundsman - Mr. Wayne. Howard

In addition there are three porters and ten other persons who make up the ancillary staff.

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