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The Benevolent fund collection was first introduced during Combermere Week 2009. 

This fund is used to help support Combermerians who are in dire situations and really need our support.  For its' inaugural case,  Mr. Edward “John” Harper was chosen.

John a Combermerian, who left school in the early 80s', suffers with Multiple Sclerosis, is blind and confined to a wheel chair.  John was in the Cadet band and was an avid Clarinet player.  He currently receives $400 per month from the association.



Inaugurated November 2008


Combermere needs teachers and sixth form students to effectively model high standards of attitude and behaviour. This proposal seeks to reward teachers and students who have been good role models to younger students, by assisting them in the pursuit or furtherance of their careers.

2.0    CONCEPT

The Combermere School Old Scholars Association (CSOSA) Scholarship is proposed to be funded by annual voluntary offerings of $300 principally by past students and members of the school's Parent Teachers Association. It is expected that 3,000 persons will make annual contributions to the fund which will result in $900,000 in annual contributions.

One-third of the scholarship funds will be used to assist students who are leaving Combermere in their future endeavours. These endeavours include, inter alia:

  1. further academic study;
  2. technical vocational training;
  3. entertainment career;
  4. sports career;
  5. seed capital for entrepreneurial business.

It is expected that every year, up to 20 Combermere students will be provided scholarship grants of $15,000 each. The money will not be given directly to the students, but it will be channelled through existing effective disbursement mechanisms where such exists. The principal reason for this is that managing such a complex scholarship fund will require skills that may not always be available to the CSOSA on a volunteer basis.

One third of the funds will be given to teachers who have taught for at least 10 years at Combermere School and are known for their high standards of behaviour and attitude. It is expected that twenty $15,000 grants will be given to teachers, starting with our retired teachers.

One third of the funds will be given to Old Scholars for retooling purposes, especially during challenging economic times. It is expected that thirty $10,000 retooling grants will be offered annually.


A board of Trustees (minimum 5, quorum of 3) will administer the fund. The board members shall have the following qualifications:

  1. Member of CSOSA
  2. Currently at the height of their career
  3. Currently at the height of their career
  4. Faithful to spouse (if married)

Administrative expenses for managing the fund such as copying, overseas telephone calls, facsimile charges, and the annual audit, will be paid out of the fund.

4.1    Student Scholarships

All 5th and 6th form students preparing to graduate from Combermere school can apply for the scholarships. An application form can be downloaded from the CSOSA's website.

In order that the student can benefit from relevant technical and management assistance, and in order that there is some objective verification that the student is pursuing the stated career, the scholarship funds will be channelled through existing organisations that have an established and effective mechanism for disbursing funds.

  1. Scholarship funds for further academic study and vocational training will be channelled through the existing Barbados Scholarship mechanism.
  2. Scholarship funds for entrepreneurial businesses will channelled through the Barbados Investment Development Corporation.
  3. Scholarship funds for entertainment and the arts will be channelled through the National Cultural Foundation.
  4. Scholarship funds for sports will be channelled through the National Sports Council.
4.2    Teacher Scholarships/grants

All Combermere school teachers can apply for the scholarships. An application form can be downloaded from the CSOSA's website. The teacher grants for retired teachers will be determined by the Trustees.

4.3    Member Retooling Grants

Any Old Scholar can apply for the retooling grants. An application form can be downloaded from the CSOSA's website. The grants are to be used to fund personal development activities that will enable the graduate to embark on another career, or to become more successful in their existing career. Examples of personal development activities include academic or vocational training, and seed capital for a new venture.  Applications for seed capital must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.

4.4    Candidate Evaluation

All application forms will be submitted to the Trustees for review and recommendation to the CSOSA executive Committee who shall either approve the recommendations, or within 2 weeks submit relevant and factual information in writing to the trustees as to why the recommendation was not approved. The trustees shall consider the CSOSA's response and either submit other recommendations or the same recommendations within 2 weeks.

If there is a stalemate, then someone who can qualify as a Trustee, and who is accepted as an adjudicator by both the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees, shall adjudicate the matter within 2 weeks, and the adjudicator's decision shall be final and binding.


There have been concerns aired that may be more effectively addressed in a question and answer format.

5.1    Why not use one of the existing scholarships, e.g. James Millington Scholarship?

If there is an existing CSOSA Scholarship that all graduates have an equal opportunity to receive, then it should be renamed the CSOSA scholarship.

5.2    What if only 1,000 persons give $300?

The Trustees should try and maintain the stated scholarship or grant values with a 1:1:1 ratio.

5.3    Who can qualify as trustees?

The current trustees are:

  1. The Principal of Combermere Secondary School - Vere Parris - 429-2822
  2. The very Revd. Frank Marshall, Dean St. Michaels Cathedral - 427-0790
  3. Mr. Besley Maycock - 429-4098
  4. Mr. Erskine Thompson - 426-6734
  5. The President of the CSOSA - Grenville Phillips II - 426-5930
5.4    Is there a quality assurance mechanism in place to prevent fraud?

There will be four layers of quality assurance.

  1. The bank is the first layer, with deposits going into a fixed deposit or equivalent, and withdrawals allowed only once annually. All trustees will be signatories to the bank account and a minimum of 4 trustees are required to make the annual withdrawal. The monthly bank statement will be posted on-line for any contributor to the fund to examine.
  2. The trustees are the second layer. They will be known persons of integrity who stand more to lose than gain in conspiring to defraud the fund. Their profiles will be published on CSOSA's web page.
  3. The third layer is the audited accounts which will be published on the CSOSA web page.
  4. The fourth layer will be the Auditor General who will audit the Governments disbursement mechanisms.


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